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About Business Finance Solution Journal

The Premise
In today's competitive business environment, corporate finance has become one of the key core competencies that a organization must have to be successful. However, searching for, parsing and evaluating the relevancy and accuracy of financial news and content has become more difficult as sources of stories have fractured and dispersed across the web. Getting a handle on what content C-level and financial professionals need to read and what information can be depended upon is an ongoing challenge for the time-starved executive.

The Solution
Business Finance Solution Journal from Solution Publishing leverages our patent pending SmartStreamTM technology to canvas over 100 publications and news sources for content specifically relevant to C-level and financial professionals. These stories are then delivered in digest format each week via email. Each executive indicates his or her specific interests by the articles they click. Within a short time, SmartStreamTM learns their personal content interest profile and then customizes the stories in each issue to maximize relevance.

Unique Product
One entrepreneur may be dealing with payroll financing issues while another controller is concerned with currency exchange best practices. Each reader receives their own custom built issue of BFSJ with stories selected just for them from the world of business financial content. Now executives can cancel their paid subscriptions let BFSJ save a world of time by delivering all of the content they need directly to their inbox. It’s like having your own professional research department.

User Friendly
Best of all, the only thing required to train Business Finance Solution Journal to work for you is to use it. After you register, just click on the headlines of interest to you. We can’t wait to learn what you need to read. Make BFSJ work for you.

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